At that time, I thought the lessons I learned were very interesting. I could hear a lot of new and useful things. In addition, the courses were tight and the study pressure was great. So the chances of skipping classes were relatively small. I just made up my mind to escape when there was something urgent. Even so, occasionally I was caught by the teacher. At that time, the punishment was much more serious than it is now in the University. Now you have deducted your usual score at most, and the most serious one is failing, which does not involve personal injury. But then it will be different. If the teacher catches you skipping class, he will write, check and punish you. If he is serious, he may need to do it himself. It seems that it's common for him to pull your ears and kick your feet. Now I think of those teachers who invaded my body at that time, and then I know how difficult it is to be a teacher. Now it's a university. Of course, we all know our rights, so the teachers have never moved to us. Based on this, I became more unscrupulous when I cut classes. In the whole academic year of freshman year, I can't remember how many sections I escaped. I just remember that I went to the class completely according to my own feeling, and didn't want to pull it down. I really reached the state of "elective courses must escape, compulsory courses must escape". At that time, truancy was not because there were more important things to do, but the most important thing was the sheer boredom of the course.